CERT Forms

The most important thing to do is to write down what happened during a major incident. The information can be written down on the sample forms provided or it can be written down on a piece of paper. Every entity such as a functional team or staging location must have a scribe to record everything. The IC/TL typically designates the scribe and provides some simple instructions. There are eight standard forms that can be used to facilitate documentation and information flow. The forms are functionally consistent with Incident Command System (ICS) forms and are designed to be NIMS compliant. 


  • Damage Assessment

    Completed by CERT members as they travel through the area to the CERT’s staging location, then given to the CERT IC/TL; provides a summary of overall hazards in selected areas, including: Fires. Utility hazards, Structural damage, Injuries and casualties, Available access, Essential for prioritizing and formulating action plans

    English: Damage Assessment Form
    Español: Evaluacion de los Daños

  • Personnel resources

    Used to sign in CERT members as they arrive at the staging location; provides information about: Who is on site, When they arrived, When they were assigned, Their special skills. Used by staging.

    English: Personnel Resources Form
    Español: Registro de Recursos Humanos

  • Incident tracking log

    Used by the Command Post for keeping abreast of situation status; contains essential information for tracking the overall situation

    English: Incident Tracking Log
    Español: Diarios de Seguimiento de Tareas

  • briefing assignment

    Used by the Command Post to provide instructions to functional teams; used by teams to log their actions and report new damage assessment information

    English: Briefing Assignment Form
    Español: Instrucciones Sobre las Tareas

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